Setting up a WAX wallet is really easy. A few steps are all you need to create your account.
First, head over to: https://all-access.wax.io/
Wax Wallet Sign-On Page

Wax Cloud Wallet Webpage
When you arrive at the Wax Cloud Wallet page firstly click: “Sign up for New Account“.

Wax Cloud Wallet Sign Up

Simply enter:
  1. Your email
  2. Create a Password
  3. Re-Enter your Password
  4. Complete the Captcha
  5. Click SignUp
Option 2 is to Sign Up using a Social Account.

Click on one of the Social Icons listed. Let’s use Google.

Choose the Gmail account you want to sign up with.

Accept the Terms of Services and you now have a Wallet!

The rarity tier of our Chapter releases will be as follows:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Mythical

We will from time to time have special Sketch Releases and the rarity tiers will be as follows:

  • Marker (Common)
  • Ink (Rare)
  • Burn (Legendary)

One of the unique features of Story Mode is that each collectible that is released will be assigned Creator Credits. Creator Credits are going to be a vital piece of the Novopangea user experience as this will allow everyone to redeem your credits for the following:

  • Game Mode Resources
  • Game Mode Packs
  • Physical items

We know how frustrating it can be when bots take valuable gameplay items or collectibles, and we wanted to ensure that our community has the best chance to get those resources first. By participating in Story Mode, you will be able to earn Creator Credits, which puts you at the front of the cue, so you don’t have to fight with bots for the items that matter to you.

For every collectible both free and paid you will earn creator credits. Here is the breakdown:

(Creator Credit amounts may be subject to change)

Promo Card Releases:

Paper: 1
Silver: 9
Gold: 64

Sketch Releases:

Marker: 1
Ink: 9
Burn: 64

Story Mode Releases:

Common: 1
Uncommon: 4
Rare: 9
Epic: 25
Legendary: 64
Mythical: 169

There will be three phases of gameplay within Novopangea.

  • Mining / Economy.
  • PVP
  • PVE

There will be more news on this soon.

There will be a token to support the Novopangea project. More news to come soon.

Those that have created a Novo account will have the ability to vote on essential story decisions. You don’t even need to own an NFT to participate in voting. We want everyone to enjoy creating the Novopangea story, so everyone who creates a Novo account will receive voting credits. Everyone will have the opportunity to build the Novo story and develop critical elements that will be available for gameplay. These may include:
  • Characters or roles.
  • Weapons
  • Species etc.

When an account is created, each player will be assigned voting credits. Each voting round will consist of a selection of voting ballots. Each ballot will have a series of decisions that the community will vote on.

In this example, a ballot has been created specifically for the Water Realm.
A new defense system is to be introduced to support against defensive threats from the Space Realm. Which major weapon should the realm implement?
  1. Water Cannon.
  2. Poison Water
  3. Epic Flood
  4. Tsunami

Players will only have a set amount of voting credits to spend. There is a voting cost that the user will need to incur to cast a vote. Costs per vote are as follows:

For our example, let’s assume you have twenty-five (25) voting credits to spend. As such, you could place five votes on one decision or spread those votes on more than one decision. So in our example, I choose to place four (4) votes on the Water Cannon, which will cost me sixteen (16) credits. I also place three (3) votes on Epic Flood, which costs me nine (9) credits. That costs me a total of twenty-five (25) voting credits. The community votes and Water Canon proves to be the winner. The outcome results in me winning sixteen (16) voting credits to add to my voting total.
If your choice were not the winner, your votes would reset to their starting total for the subsequent voting round. So if you started the voting round with 100 voting credits and none of your choices were successful. Your voting credits will reset for the next round.

Yes, there will be a platform that we are calling the Players Hub. This will be accessed from the Novopangea homepage. This will be the central gateway for everything related to Novopangea. Inside of the player’s hub you will have access to:

  • Your entire Novopangea collection.
  • Creator Credits balance.
  • Voting Credits balance.
  • Novo Token balance.
  • New story developments from Novopangea.
  • Access Game Mode.

Novopangea is a community experience where users will have the opportunity to immerse themselves into two unique experiences. These will be “Story Mode” and “Game Mode.”

This is a one of a kind opportunity where the community will be able make key decisions that build the foundation of future collectibles, gaming assets and IP of Novopangea.

How many times have you watched shows and said to yourself or friends, “How cool would have been if they had “a particular weapon” or I wish a character had made a different choice.” These opportunities will come to life in Story Mode within Novopangea. The community will be in the director’s chair!

There will be several opportunities to get your hands on various Novopangea items.

Stay connected to us through our Twitter channel and Discord as we are always giving away Free promo content.

Our pack and card releases will be initially held on the Atomic Hub website. Here you will be able to buy single collectibles as well as packs when we release new content. Stay connected to us through our social channels or through the Novopangea Players Hub for release dates.

In our second phase of development we will have the ability for content to be purchased through the Novopangea.io marketplace.

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