The DEAD DRAW was established to get something out of assets that may have expired. We want to attract new players to the world of Novopangea and thought this might be a fun way to welcome new members and have a use case for assets that now have no utility in expired projects.

As a project officially announces that it will no longer serve its community, we can make its assets available for a DEAD DRAW Blend.
**For a project to qualify, there needs to be an official statement from their project leaders in Discord or on a verified Social Media channel they have been running. Projects that have lost whitelist privileges will also be reviewed. 

How Does the DEAD DRAW Work?

There will be two tickets for projects that have been added to the DEAD DRAW, and there will be a Standard Ticket and a Premium Ticket.

For a Standard Ticket, you must blend any three NFTs from the project listed.

For a Premium Ticket, you must blend one NFT from a project listed + a Chapter Two Common NFT from Novopagnea.

What Can I Win?

Standard Tickets: These will be lower-end assets from our current releases for Standard Tickets, but you never know; we may throw in a few bangers to mix it up.

Premium Tickets: These will be mid-tier assets from our Chapter Releases, plus some entry-level game assets. This is a great value ticket to get.

How will I know if I won?

Please make sure you join the Novopangea Discord by clicking Here >>

Winners will be logged in our Discord. Winners will be awarded in Discord, Twitch, Twitter, and wherever we decide to run a contest. Everything will always be documented in Discord. If you are not a winner, don’t worry; your tickets are always live, so keep adding those tickets to the draw!!


If there is a project that you would like to see added to the DEAD DRAW please email us by clicking here >>