The Novopangea land will be available for players who are accumulating Creator Credits. This article will concentrate on the details around the land release, but we have also published videos that cover Creator Credits and the Story Mode. We recommend that you review these videos to understand the Creator Credit concept and how critical it will be in driving opportunities for land and other gameplay resources within Game Mode.

The land that will be available will form the foundation of the Novopangea Gameplay to build the land & economy layer of the game. A PVP / PVE release in stages 2 and 3 will be intertwined with the game’s economy.

This article will focus mainly on the details of the land release, but we have also published a separate post that will go into more detail on Story Mode and Creator Credits specifically.

Plots / Regions

There will be 120,000 total land plots, with 20,000 assigned to each realm. Each realm is split into 100 areas, with 200 plots assigned to an area. Please note that all of these land plots will not be released at once, and there will be enough land plots available to cover the current circulating supply of Sketch and Promo cards. Future land releases will be available after future chapter releases.

Players will have the opportunity to redeem land claims in bulk during the claim periods, with discounts being offered for securing more plots. The breakdown is as follows:

1 land plot = 20 Creator Credits
5 – 20 land plots = 18 Creator Credits per plot.(10% Discount)
21 – 50 land plots = 16 Creator Credits per plot (20% Discount)
51+ land plots = 14 Creator Credits per plot (30% Discount)

*Creator Credits redemption amounts are subject to change at the discretion of the Novopangea team.

The placement of plots will need to be well thought out. This may include potentially grouping plots to unlock specific buildings that require more space than a single plot of land. Specific buildings will also become unlocked based on how many plots you own within the realm.

There will also be opportunities for outposts in other realms to support the transportation of resources between realms. The chance to have an outpost will hinge on maintaining relationships with neighboring realms. More to come on this!

Governance is going to play a significant role in the Novopangea project. Each area will consist of 200 plots of land. Owners of each area will need to nominate a leader that will take a seat on each realm’s councils. Areas will have the opportunity to form their own in realm relationships and potentially expand their areas to create more significant regions. Let the political scheming begin!

The job of each area is to provide its infrastructure and support system to the owners within it. A prospering infrastructure ensures that all the owners within the area can benefit from a healthy circulating supply of resources. This will establish a profitable ROI for owners and ensure there are adequate resources for new players to rent and buy as the game expands into PvP and PvE.

Creator Credits

As we mentioned above, the land will be available for redemption using Creator Credits. Currently, Creator Credits can be accumulated by purchasing NFTs through our Sketch Release pack drops or on the secondary market. This includes all Sketch cards and any Promo cards that were released.

Each rarity tier is assigned a Creator Credit value which is as follows:

Promo Paper / Sketch Studio = 1 Creator Credit
Promo Silver / Sketch Gallery = 9 Creator Credits
Promo Gold / Sketch Museum = 64 Creator Credits

You can collect any realms cards to earn Creator Credits, and it does not need to be from a specific realm. When the time comes to redeem your land claim NFT, the player will need to choose a claim within a specific realm. If you have enough Creator Credits, you can redeem multiple land claims.

When the first stage of the Novopangea land claim is ready, players will be able to trade their land claim NFT to receive a Land Deed pack for the realm they have chosen. The player will have an opportunity to receive a Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary or Mythic land plot.

As the user base of Novopangea grows and land is no longer available for future players renting will be available. The management of land, building, and resources will require the player to set up effective strategies that will work for them. Players will choose whether they want to actively manage their resources or rent out vacant plots or plots containing buildings to new players entering the Novopangea world.

We appreciate all the positive support and feedback.
The world of Novopangea awaits you.

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The information provided in this update is for information purposes of the Novopangea™ project. The content in this document should not be interpreted as a recommendation of investment in the game’s assets. Asset pricing may fluctuate, and risks associated with changing market conditions are out of the control of the Novopangea team. Any financial plans communicated may adapt to future situations and market conditions. Our goal will always be to achieve the optimal performance of the Novopangea ecosystem.